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Slugs, hotels and the effect of petrol on a diesel engine

 Well, this week has taken a few rather unexpected twists and turns! On Saturday a customer telephoned to say she could hear a crackling noise coming from a socket. Neil told her to switch the circuit off and that he would be there as soon as e finished up at the job her was working on. Upon arrival the young lady showed Neil the offending socket and he set about removing it to find out the cause of the mysterious crackling. Once the socket was removed Neil could clearly see the problem – a garden slug was gently sizzling as he sat across the live terminals on the back of the socket! Not the nicest surprise for the customer and a rather unfortunate end for the slug, but thankfully no lasting damage to the plug.
Neil also went to a hotel in Southampton who had lost power to a control panel for a water heater, and were anxious that their guests wouldn’t have hot water in the morning. With a little sideways thinking and a length of cable Neil managed to work around the problem and restore power to the panel and more importantly get the boiler fired up in time for hot showers on Sunday morning. Sadly, on the way home Neil did something rather silly to the van…
Q.  What do you get when you put petrol in a diesel van?   

A.  A very large bill and a very unhappy electrician!

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