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Water, water everywhere!

The past week for Neil’s Electrical Services has been dominated by problems caused in one way or another by water. A word of warning – if you suspect your electrical issues might be due to a water leak please do leave them well alone and call a professional (such as Neil!) to identify the problem. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

The watery week started with a call out to a houseboat at St Denys where the electrics had tripped for the ring main. Neil carried out some exploratory work and eventually traced the problem to a faulty pump situated under the floor. The pump was there to remove water from the hull of the boat, but as it had failed there was rather a lot of water sitting in the hull. Luckily some good planning on the part of the owner meant there was a spare pump to hand, and potential disaster was averted as Neil could install the new pump and restore power.

The next dealing with water came about in Woolston and involved another pump – this one was a little…dirtier though. The electrics had tripped for a pump in a sewage pit at a commercial site. The problem was traced to a faulty connection which had become submerged in the pit. The sewage was creeping upwards and nearly coming over the top of the pit, but Neil managed to repair the faulty connection just in the nick of time! Cue some rather relived workers and another satisfied customer.

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