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You’ll never believe it but… it’s water again!

The trend for H2O based call-outs continues for a third week! On Friday night Neil’s Electrical Services received a call from a popular café in Portsmouth to tell us that they had a problem with the electrics to their sump pump in the store area, and to see if Neil could pop out a take a look. Unfortunately due to the nature of the problem and the prevailing weather conditions the entire place had flooded with rain water. By the time Neil had arrived the owner had done a great job in clearing up to allow access to the area, and Neil could quickly identify that that the problem was not with the electrics, but the pump itself. He removed the faulty pump and advised the client where they could source a replacement, how to simply connect the hose, plug the pump into the socket and lower it back into the sump. Slightly outside the remit of emergency electrician, but we are always happy to help customers get themselves back on track!

The final chapter of our watery tale came when we received a call from a brilliant aquatics shop at Fair Oak. They had lost power to part of the shop and display areas, which is always a great worry as they stock some amazing and expensive fish who rely on filtration and heating systems to keep them healthy. Neil attended as soon as he could, and discovered that one of the distribution boards had tripped out. On further investigation the fault was traced to Koi carp pond out by the entrance. With the help of some test equipment and a coffee the problem was finally located as being the main filtration pump for the pond. This was disconnected and removed and all power was restored to the rest of the shop. The relieved owners were delighted, as were the fish who had their heating, lighting and filtration needs catered for again.

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