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More soggy tales from the emergency electrician

It won’t have escaped most of you that this winter has never really ‘happened’ – that is to say the weather has resolutely remained windy and wet and mostly mild so we have basically had a very long autumn. This has meant above average rainfall in most areas of the country, including in the stomping grounds of Neils Electrical Services, which has caused quite a few extra callouts during the past few weeks.

Firstly there was a waterlogged emergency light at a local nursing home, but inside! Neil fixed the problem and  also advised them to take a look at where the water was coming in from, to avoid a repeat callout. Then there was a waterlogged kitchen light in Southampton which was very rusty inside and led to the customer discovering they had a leaky flat roof. More recently Neil made a late night visit to Lymington, to investigate loss of power to an elderly lady’s property. Can you guess what had caused it..? Yes, rain! The fault was eventually traced to an old outside light which now resembled a fish tank, minus the fish of course…

Finally this week Neil spent quite a bit of time out in the rain in a customer’s garden near Fareham looking for a fault on some garden electrics. This time the problem was caused by a family of slugs that had decided to move into a poorly sealed junction box to shelter from the rain. Unfortunately for them the electrics were still live when they moved in, unlike the slugs after a while! Neil isolated the cables and made them safe until the rain stops, the ground dries out and spring or dare we even hope, summer, makes an appearance.

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