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The emergency electrician’s Christmas advice

If it has managed to escape your attention that Christmas is just around the corner, we applaud your ability ignore all advertising on television, posters, in supermarkets and on the internet. However, assuming that you do know we are in for a festive treat of turkey, mistletoe and presents in just a few weeks time we would like to encourage anyone who has lurking electrical issues in their home to get them looked at now. Let’s call this Neil’s words of wisdom.

Perhaps the fuse box trips out if you have a few too many electrical goods on and working at the same time? Or a plug socket that causes you grief and some outside lights that  don’t work if it’s rained too hard.  Over his years as an electrician, Neil has seen quite a few Christmases made rather difficult for those involved, with half-cooked turkeys in ovens that have ceased to work, fuse boxes on their last legs when everyone wants to charge their new mobile phone/tablet/iPod. Not smiley happy people at all.

So if it’s niggling now, get an experienced electrician out now to look at the problem and save yourself the stress and hassle of finding an emergency electrician (like us!) and having someone who definitely isn’t bearing gifts visit your house on Christmas day.

Neil has also been helping the Winchester Round Table with their latest project – the Santa Sleigh! If you  live in Winchester make sure you keep an eye out for the sleigh (a temperamental former milk float from Leicester) as it tours the streets with Christmas cheer, reindeer, fairy lights and sweets. All raising money for local good causes in the area – you might just spot a familiar face on the back of the sleigh! We will see you there.

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