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Neil saves the day

Neil and the team have been enjoying the Easter period and have been busy attending call-outs in between enjoying the lovely weather.  On Saturday, Neil was in Alresford attending a call-out at a lovely house overlooking the lake.  Initially, it was thought that the cooker had broken and had caused electrical damage, but in fact the cooker was fine it was just a poorly installed switch at the back of the box which had given up.  The box was too small for the cooker and had consequently caused problems however it should have been obvious when it was initially fitted that the cooker would be too large for the power supply.  Neil was able to fit a bigger box which was more appropriate for the cooker and will ensure that no electrical faults occur in the future.

Neil also attended a rather eventful DIY job last week which was the result of a young lady’s father trying to fix her bathroom light.  This didn’t go quite to plan and resulted in the electrics going down at her flat in Southampton.  Neil was able to fix this and rectify her dad’s mistake!

It has been a rather cooker-centric week as Neil attended a call-out to fit a new electric supply for a cooker in Fair Oak.  The customer had bought a new oven but didn’t have anywhere to connect it.  The oven was too demanding for the fuseboard and so Neil had to install a new circuit ready for Easter cooking.  As you can imagine, the customer was over the moon as she was hosting a big family gathering over Easter which could have been ruined had Neil not fixed the oven speedily.
Remember to note Neil’s number down in case of emergency – it might just save the day!

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